Day Care at Cozy Canine Camp

Cozy Canine Camp understands dogs are social creatures. Often our lives are too busy to give them the attention and stimulation they need. Dogs crave interaction with friends as well as mental and physical exercise. If your dog cannot go to work with you, doggie daycare can be a great alternative.

Doggy Day Care Amenities

Doggy Day Campers at Cozy Canine Camp enjoy a day full of social activities and individualized care from our camp counselors. The average day for a pet at doggy day care includes:

  • morning play groups organized by size and temperament
  • runs in our beautiful fenced and tree lined private park
  • daycare enrichment to keep canine brains busy and reinforce good manners.
  • a midday nap and snack
  • afternoon playtime with canine friends
  • Forever Lawn turf, gravel, and wood chip yards
  • Equipment to run over/under/around by Puppy Playground 
  • Heated “Greenhouse” with 3 play yards for inclement weather.
  • Indoor playroom
  • Pictures posted daily to Facebook

Safety Features

  • Fresh water at all times
  • Naturally shaded play yards
  • Aluminite shading for extra sun protection
  • Double fenced play yards
  • Covered yards for jumpers
  • Constant monitoring for diarrhea, heat, cold, “had enough playtime”, or any concerning behavior!


Older dogs can also benefit from doggy day care. Our camp counselors will take them on a few short walks each day to keep their joints loose, and light exercise can help pets who struggle with digestive problems or incontinence.

Seasonal activities

  • splash in a baby pool, sprinkler, or splash pad
  • run in the snow or climb snow banks
  • playtime in the heated “Greenhouse”
  • seasonal and holiday party days-discounted rate
  • Dc birthday party with playgroup-includes gift of dogs choice from the Birthday Bucket!
  • holiday visits from friends like The Grinch, Gingerbread Man, Easter Bunny, and others!

Doggie Day Camp Pricing and Packages

Daycare packages must be pre- paid.

Daycare Cancelation Policy

Same day cancelation or ‘No Show’ will be deducted 1day from package.

Small dogs

< 25lbs


1 day – $30

5 days – $145

10 days  – $280

20 days – $540

Medium dogs



1 day – $35

5 days – $170

10 days – $330

20 days – $640

Large dogs

> 50lbs


1 day – $40

5 days – $195

10 days – $380

20 days – $740

Daycare Assessment

$15 – added to 1 full day price

Cozy Canine Camp staff evaluate each new dog to our daycare’s well as dogs who have not visited in 6 months or more. The breed of dog, age, gender, neutered/spayed, temperament and previous experience affect each dogs play style. We use this information along with an assessment to determine the most suitable play group for your canine friend. We will note any behaviors that may need to be addressed or taken into account such as fence jumping or toy aggression. Daycare should be fun and enriching, not stressful!

Vaccination Requirements

At Cozy Canine Camp, our campers’ safety is a top priority. Therefore, we ask pet parents that they have their dogs up-to-date on vaccinations before they enter doggy day care. Vaccinations we require for doggy day care enrollment include:

  • Kennel Cough w/bordetella, adenovirus, parainfluenza
  • Parvo/Distemper combo*
  • Canine Influenza H3N8/H3N2**
  • Rabies (per Anne Arundel County Animal Control regulation)

*current titers or letter from veterinarian stating pet is ineligible for vaccine accepted

**letter from veterinarian state that pet is ineligible for this vaccine accepted


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Doggy Day Care


Kitty Korner



If you’re ready to sign your pup up for doggy day care, then give Cozy Canine Camp in Crownsville, Maryland a call today at (410) 923-2010.