At Cozy Canine Camp, we know that no pet parent likes leaving their furry companion behind when they have to travel. It’s hard to leave your family pet in someone else’s care, so that’s why Cozy Canine Camp in Crownsville, Maryland offers loving, individualized care for every pet that stays with us. Learn more about Cozy Canine Camp, the pet boarding facility that’s perfect for families in Crownsville, MD.

Our Philosophy

About Cozy Canine Camp

The thing about Cozy Canine Camp that makes us unique is that we know every pet has a unique personality, along with individualized wants and needs. That’s why our camp counselors learn the names and needs of every cat and canine camper that stays at our facility. We want to make sure that Cozy Canine Camp becomes your pet’s home away from home. It’s stressful enough to separate a pet from his owner, so we want to make sure every other aspect of his stay is as relaxing as possible.

We also understand that animals are active and social creatures. During your dog’s stay, he’ll have access to 18 play yards with at least three allotted play times per day. We’ll also place him into a play group with other dogs of similar size and temperament so he can have fun interacting with other campers.

For our feline campers, we allow multiple cats of the same family to share accommodations or separate.

Every pet that stays with us will receive individualized attention from our camp counselors. Every pet will have dedicated ‘touch time’ with a camp counselor. All pets bowl movements, eating habits, activities, general mood is documented by our camp counselors throughout their stay to make sure they’re happy and comfortable. You can have peace of mind knowing your pet is in careful, loving hands while you’re away.

Our Services

In additional to boarding all breeds of cats and dogs, we also offer other services to make sure your pet has the most fun and comfortable experience possible. During your pet’s stay, he can enjoy our professional grooming services, so he’s looking and feeling his best when you pick him up.

In the event that you don’t need full boarding services for your pet, we also offer doggy day care for the busy pet parents. Rather than worrying about your pup getting lonely during the day or tearing up your furniture while you’re at work, leave them with Cozy Canine Camp for a full day of fun and socialization.

Our Facility

Our cozy dog boarding facility offers a comforting, woodland feel, expansive play yards, and customizable bunks for a specialized boarding experience. Every camper has state-of-the-art accommodations, including:

  • Minimum 4 exercise sessions per day
  • Playtime with other campers or counselors
  • Access to our beautiful naturally shaded park and/or many play yards
  • Individual “touch time” with a camp counselor
  • Clean, soft bedding and/or a “Kuranda Brand” dog bed
  • A Busy Bone with each stay
  • Clean, fresh water
  • Breakfast, dinner, and a midday snack
  • Medication provided by pet parent

Seasonal activities

  • splash in a baby pool, sprinkler, or splash pad
  • run in the snow or climb snow banks
  • playtime in the heated “Greenhouse”
  • holiday visits from friends like The Grinch, Gingerbread Man, Easter Bunny, and others!

If you want to learn more about Cozy Canine Camp and our facilities, please explore our website or contact Cozy Canine Camp directly.

Learn More About Cozy Canine Camp

About Cozy Canine CampCozy Canine Camp, Crownsville, MD offers campers a fun, relaxing boarding experience. In addition to boarding and grooming services, we also offer:

  • Pet CPR classes through PetTech

Cozy Canine Camp is the place where your pets stay and play while you’re away. To learn more about Cozy Canine Camp or schedule your visit, call us today at (410) 923-2010.