Cozy Canine Camp’s dog boarding facility is an indoor/outdoor facility with extensive outdoor amenities and indoor accommodations. During your dog’s stay, he’ll have access to multiple play yards, social play groups, and the attention of our caring camp counselors.

The Play Yards

Cozy Canine Camp has a 1 acre private park for our campers, many play yards outfitted with Puppy Playground equipment in a variety of surfaces.

The “greenhouse” is our unique answer to having dry warm play areas on those unexpected cold and rainy days.

For our older campers, there’s plenty of shade and outdoor cabins to relax in. Going for short periodic walks help keep their joints from tightening up and is a great chance to say hello.With so many options, there’s something to suit every camper.

For those particularly rambunctious pups we have a number of security measures in place to ensure their safety. All play yards are double fenced, and we offer covered runs for fence jumpers. All dogs are also under the constant supervision of camp counselors during playtime.

Indoor Accommodations

While we boast an array of outdoor activities and amenities, our indoor facilities provide the perfect resting place after a day of play. Every dog has access to many amenities, including:

  • Custom, climate-controlled bunks
  • Deluxe Kuranda brand beds
  • Soft bedding
  • Glass doors for noise reduction
  • Complimentary busy bone
  • Facility generator in the event of a power outage

Cozy Canine Camp can be your dog’s home away from home. In the event of a family vacation or emergency trip, you can be confident that your pooch will have the time of their life at our dog boarding facility.

The Dog Boarding Facility at Cozy Canine Camp

Dog boarding facility | Cozy Canine CampIf you’re looking for a dog boarding facility with a variety of pet services for your canine companion while you’re away, then look no further than Cozy Canine Camp in Crownsville, Maryland. Our extensive outdoor space, loving camp counselors, and state-of-the-art facilities create the perfect backdrop for your dog’s mini-vacation.

For more information or to plan your dog’s visit, call us today at (410) 923-2010.