Pets Stay and Play

…while you are away!

Welcome to the Cozy Canine Camp

(for cats too!)

Cozy Canine Camp is a small kennel by today’s standards, which allows us to offer more personal service to our overnight guests. Our camp counselors know every pet by name, as well as their individual needs and personalities. Additionally, our immaculately clean custom bunks reside in a climate controlled environment that’s perfect for any pooch.


Canine Boarding:Stay the Night

Individualized care for your canine: comfortable beds, space for play, and a Busy Bone with each stay.


Doggy Day Care:Pet Playtime

A full day of social activities and individualized care from our camp counselors.


Kitty Korner:Get Comfy

State-of-the-art kitty condos that will keep your cats comfortable and entertained during their stay.


Grooming:for Dogs & Cats

Professional grooming so you can pamper your pets and make them their most presentable.

Amenities for Your Pet

Our Campers enjoy:

  • Minimum 4 exercise sessions per day
  • Playtime with other campers or counselors
  • Access to our beautiful naturally shaded park and/or many play yards
  • Individual “touch time” with a camp counselor
  • Clean, soft bedding and/or a “Kuranda Brand” dog bed
  • A Busy Bone with each stay
  • Clean, fresh water
  • Breakfast, dinner, and a midday snack
  • Medication provided by pet parent

Seasonal activities

  • splash in a baby pool, sprinkler, or splash pad
  • run in the snow or climb snow banks
  • playtime in the heated “Greenhouse”
  • complimentary home made holiday treats or meal
  • holiday visits from friends like The Grinch, Gingerbread Man, Easter Bunny, and others!
  • special seasonal and holiday themed Dc days at discounted rate.
  • DC birthday party with playgroup-includes gift of dogs choice from the Birthday Bucket!



  • Temperature taken on arrival
  • Weight taken on arrival. Weekly weight checks for longer stays.
  • Nighttime safety checks by camp counselor
  • “Play groups” organized by size and temperament
  • Commercial Generator in the event of a power outage
  • Name collars provided by CCC for all campers
  • All play areas are double fenced
  • Covered playgrounds for fence jumpers
  • Multiple Camp Counselors reside on property
  • Strict protocol of monitoring and documenting bowel movements, eating habits, general attitude, and play groups, and more.

Let Us Care for Your Pet Today!

No matter how long your pet stays at Cozy Canine Camp, you can rest assured they will receive individual, loving care.